Who doesn't love a good omelette? They're simple, tasty and healthy, perfect for a quick lunchtime treat, and with a little bit of practice you'll be able to create your own varieties to really put your stamp on things. You can add anything you wish to offer a true taste sensation, from different types of cheese to meat, fish and vegetables, but the key to the perfect omelette will always be the eggs.

Eggs are at the heart of any omelette. Without them you have nothing other than a smear of melted butter in the pan and a few lonely ingredients, because it's the eggs that make everything come together. That's why you should always choose your eggs wisely, and the ideal choice is, without a doubt, the happy egg co. Their hens are free range and so happy they produce ultra-tasty eggs, and the fact they get to peck at grass all day makes happy egg co eggs lutein-enriched and even tastier.

They're the perfect starting point for any omelette and can create truly delicious results, and with a bit of practice, you'll be an omelette whizz before you know it. happy egg co eggs make the ideal base and sometimes you just can't beat a plain version, but with the addition of cheese, ham and mushrooms you'll have a tasty and filling lunch that you'll be thinking about all afternoon. Take time to experiment to see what flavour combinations you can come up with, but make sure to remember happy eggs - they're the key to the perfect omelette, so try them today and see for yourself.
2011 was a great year for the UK’s number one free range egg brand, the happy egg company after winning two leading industry awards. First of all they won the ‘Good Egg’ Award from Compassion in World Farming. The award recognises the great work the happy egg company do in striving for only the highest standards in welfare for all of its hens. They provide their hens with wide open spaces to roam around in, as well as play equipment and a variety of brashings and grasses to help simulate their natural environment. All happy egg farms are approved by both the British Lion standard and the RSPCA Freedom Food standard and so you know you’re getting the best quality eggs. There is also a team of experienced fieldsman who regularly visit all the farms to ensure they comply, not just with legal regulations, but also with their own exceedingly high happy egg standards.  Thanks to the policies of the past winners of The ‘Good Egg’ Award, it has helped over 200 million animals.

The company also scooped the Grocer Gold Award for Food Brand of the Year, recognising how well the company has done and how far they have come since launching. happy eggs are now available nationwide in most major retailers, including Tesco, Tesco Express, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Morrisons, Co-op and online at Ocado. They have expanded their range of happy egg products to include quiches, scotch eggs and deli fillers, all made using free range ingredients and with no artificial colours or sweeteners.  happy egg have also opened three of their very own restaurants called ‘Pancakes & More’; family friendly eateries selling freshly prepared meals such as pancakes, waffles and quiches. They are situated in the Metro Centre, Gateshead, the Victoria Centre, Nottingham, and Lakeside Shopping Centre, Essex. Having such wide-ranging distribution has helped them to become the UK’s number one brand for free range eggs.



    he happy egg co. is a free range egg brand, launched in January 2009 by Noble Foods. At the happy egg co., hens come first and only specially selected British Free Range farms are chosen to become happy egg farms.


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